Netflix Scoop, Politics, and Journalism

I watched Netflix’s new series called Scoop and finished it all within a couple of days. It was so engaging. It breaks my heart to watch it. I know that this kind of thing happens. Politics. Journalism. Ambitions. Scapegoats. I’m really thinking about ethics. To think of what humans are capable of, it leaves me pessimistic about us as a society. I don’t know if there’s ever a solution to this....

July 1, 2023

Todo List on a Blockchain

This is uncommon, but while building my personal life management app, I thought of building a todo list app on blockchain, where each todo is a block that cannot be deleted. You have to do it. I don’t know how it helps. I guess it doesn’t. Not at all, really. But then I thought of it and it was one of those “aha, that actually isn’t half bad” moments that was actually very very bad....

June 29, 2023

Too Many Threads

Threads of things/works/todos. I started with learning about Coq through the Logical Foundations book and I have done about 4-5 chapters from it. After that I got busy and it is still at that point. I also started learning Rust and I haven’t moved ahead much in the past few days on the Rust OS book. I felt like there would be more but these are the only two that I have started and not kept going with....

June 29, 2023

A Tiring Week

This week was extremely tiring. I have been finishing up on whatever has been on my plate at work. Besides that, I had taken up a consulting gig for a friend and that turned out to be much more work than I had first imagined. I had a lightning talk this Friday at JSConf, and I had to complete my Google Summer of Code work as well. This was the first week of GSoC and my mentors seemed to be quite happy with the work that I had done....

June 4, 2023

Too Much on My Plate

It is decided that I will be leaving Pipal Academy, after a year of working there. I should’ve made another post for it, and I will do it, but right now there is too much on my plate. I have a conference talk coming up tomorrow and I’ll be preparing for it from 3pm onwards today. I didn’t work on Capstone yesterday because I met with my parents and then had to work on the TML project....

June 1, 2023


I got interested in the idea of fasting after a conversation and wanted to try it out. I decided to do a 24-hour fast after the lunch I had yesterday. That’s a good enough start and won’t overwhelm me.

May 29, 2023

Its Actually Not That Long

I was worried that my last post was too long. It’s actually not. Still small enough. How’s this for a micro post, past myself?

May 24, 2023

Interesting things are happening on my Bangalore trip

This is turning into a journal. But that’s okay I’ve been in Bangalore since a few days. It feels different. I’m for sure not as productive as I used to be when I was home. Definitely not at multiple things, but I’m liking this. This is like a good vacation to me. I still work at nights and I am productive enough for it. Interesting things have been happening to me....

May 24, 2023


I tried rubberducking today to fix a bug. It has felt a bit weird to me before although I have done the same thing in some other form, like while pair programming and code review. This was the first time that I remember consciously practicing rubber ducking. And it worked very well. I didn’t even complete one paragraph and I figured out what was wrong. This was the whole thing that I wrote:...

May 23, 2023

Working From the Train

I am in the train right now, about half an hour to go until Bangalore. The interesting thing about this journey was that I did my work while sitting in the train. It was a side upper seat in a 2AC. I had wanted one of the larger seats in the bigger part of the compartment but the side upper has its own perks. The group-of-four seats (or group-of-six in 3AC coaches) put you snap in front of another person....

May 19, 2023