Threads of things/works/todos.

I started with learning about Coq through the Logical Foundations book and I have done about 4-5 chapters from it. After that I got busy and it is still at that point. I also started learning Rust and I haven’t moved ahead much in the past few days on the Rust OS book.

I felt like there would be more but these are the only two that I have started and not kept going with. I was tempted to start a few more things but did not because I had this in mind. I should learn how to keep removing things out of that todo bucket.

There are some more things that I should do and do quickly, but I haven’t gotten around to. Maybe I should make an app for me to keep track of all this. Would this be another thing that I build halfway? Maybe, I’ll bite anyway.

I’d much rather like a phone app and a desktop app, but I would need to learn how to build either, so I’ll instead start with a web app. I’ll start with an API and then a simple frontend in Svelte. That should do well.

I hope I get this done tonight.

For now, I am thinking that it should have a todo list (or todo bucket?) and a journal for sure. Rest can come later.

Fingers crossed.