This is turning into a journal. But that’s okay

I’ve been in Bangalore since a few days. It feels different. I’m for sure not as productive as I used to be when I was home. Definitely not at multiple things, but I’m liking this. This is like a good vacation to me. I still work at nights and I am productive enough for it.

Interesting things have been happening to me.

I had a wonderful chat with Megh and Param, said good-bye to Ridham who’s going back to his home in Delhi after his internship, and hanging out with some old friends where I’m staying. I think I have said all this before, maybe in the “what i’m doing now” page.

Param told me that maybe I’m spreading myself too thin and I think there is some truth to that. The most direct evidence is that I haven’t been finishing what I start, and even forgetting about them completely. I had started a Rust course, authoring a Coq tutorial, setting up self-hosted email for outgoing mails, and wanting to email a bunch of people. All of these things have been half-done only. I’ll get to email Carol and psykomal (Komal, whom had I met at the Lambda Retreat, and whose blog I recently read). I remembered just now that I had also started doing some OCaml things and wanted to build something with it.

Now to the good parts and why I think this trip has still been joyful. I have been out of the dating game for a few months but I started recently, with the conscious decision that I don’t put in too much effort. I matched up with a very interesting person who has a very cool name. I am having this realisation that my type could be this weird niche of economics geeks with a peculiar sense of humor. At least one of those two. My keywords that I look for right now have become economics, brooklyn nine nine, and by some extension, ur mom, that’s what she said, and deez nuts.

I helped Karthik (a friend, and a regular at the place I stay at) set up some infra for his startup. It was interesting. I shouldn’t dive into the technical details publicly because it might be IP but he was impressed and said he could pay me for the same. If it’s what I normally just blurt out, it won’t be that much of work. Mostly straightforward. I can guide him/his team to a quick path to get done with whatever they’re trying to do. I am considering this and I’ll talk about it with Anand too.

It got me thinking if I should start doing independent consulting for a while. Maybe I can also consider switching my full-time role into a consulting role. It would require more hours because of the nature of the work but it feels doable. That would allow me to take on more intensive work/learning in my other interests.

Vishal (from FOSS United, everyone knows him :)) also asked me to speak at JSConf about FOSS United and FOSS in India. This felt wonderful. He was originally invited but he couldn’t make it on the date (2nd of June). I was considering attending JSConf and even submitting a CFP but I had done neither. I rate this conf highly. I’m amazed at how fate turned out that I get to go after all, but even more than that, I am grateful for the opportunity. To be honest, Vishal is the best person to speak about this and even I would’ve loved to hear it from him rather than me, but I can do the filling in.

I will have to extend my stay by a few days to attend this but I don’t mind. I am making new friends here and I’m sure I won’t be bored.

Speaking of that, I played Mafia today and it was so damn fun. It really brought out the extrovert in me and I stopped being quiet around people. There is something about games. I should do more of these.

This turned into a very random chattering from me coming on various things, but I think it covers it well. This trip has been very interesting for me and it’s not even halfway done yet. All of these are important points for me, and I want to be able to look back upon them. Maybe I can have a single post for each but I haven’t been writing as often so it turns into clubbings like this. This is good too and I don’t mind.