The previous week was my last at Pipal Academy. I completed all the handoffs at the start of the week and then I had to use the rest of the week to prepare for some online exams over the weekend. It felt like a tiring week so I took some days to wind down, travel back home, and I’m only writing this post now.

It’s been slightly more than a year since I joined Pipal. Throughout my time, a lot of emphasis was placed on keeping software simple. This means not just caring about the simplicity of the code, but also the infrastructure and the developer experience we give to our future selves. All of it is secondary to user experience, but it is still important in making sure you spend your time on the right problems. Things such as setting up CI/CD early, building simple but consistent internal APIs, and using the right tool for the right job.

I also got to attend Lambda Retreat, which was an amazing experience. I probably wouldn’t have gone back to completing SICP if not for this retreat. It got me interested in programming languages, and gave me a new perspective on programming itself – abstractions and abstraction levels, visualizing processes, and eval-apply.

I enjoyed working at Pipal and learning from Anand.

Good bye, Pipal Academy!