So this happened on 15 May. I’m writing this post on the 17th. How did I know that it was 15th? I went all the way back in my email inbox to the first one and I got the Google’s “Let’s get you started” email on May 15 2022. I had taken a 2 week break soon after, as I remember, to find a flat in Pune. That was in the first two weeks of June. Now that I think about it, what was I doing taking two whole weeks off to find a flat, and in Pune. I haven’t done that for Bangalore and I get by.

I was aware that I was nearing the completion of a year but I wasn’t sure whether I had started in May or June. I had a conversation with Anand about this and what’s ahead. Let me put that all in this blog.

It won’t be much of a micro blog then. Based. I’ll do it somewhere else and keep it to myself for the moment.

OK but let me say a few things anyway. It’s the first time I’ve ever completed more than a year besides Hyperlog. Well, Hyperlog. That’s for another day. I’ve grown a lot as an engineer. I finally feel more confident socially, like I fit in. It took me one whole year at Pipal, and >5 years since I started using real languages for building things, for that. I feel like I’m a slow mover socially. Or maybe something else that I don’t know. I don’t get free (as in freedom) with people until I know them for a very long time and even then I sometimes struggle, but at least the intent is clear in those situations. I think I’m getting better at that but I don’t understand it one bit.

For now, let’s go Kaustubh. Long live you.